DrawerBoxes™ are recognized throughout the collecting industry as being the strongest and most innovative storage system available. Offering DrawerBoxes shows your customers that you are committed to offering the highest quality products. And they can generate more profits for your store since not only will your customers pay a higher price for them than standard long and short boxes, you will find that your customers will come back for quantity sales as they decide to convert their entire collection, increasing your sales volume. Because of their reputation in the collector's market, DrawerBoxes also provide the opportunity for you to draw new customers into your store. Our retailing partners have told us stories about customers driving from as far as 50 miles away to purchase our products.

DrawerBoxes are the only supply product in the industry supported with national advertising and offering brand recognition. In addition, it is the only supply product that supports you with POP materials. We take pride in the fact that we consider ourselves your partner in making your store profitable.

We also have a representation program available for dealers at conventions, which can save you the risk and expense of up front costs and the hassle of handling inventory. All you have to do is take orders and we ship direct to your customer’s doorstep.

Retailers are encouraged to contact us at orders@CollectionDrawer.com or call us at 303.368.7873 for details about either our wholesale or representation programs.

We are pleased to announce that our new POP posters are now available. We have 2 sizes: 11" X 17" vertical and 24" X 36" vertical, both in full color. The 11" X 17" size is also UV coated for stores that want to place them in their front window. The 24" X 36" size can either be wall mounted or will fit on the side of a stack of 3 long comic DrawerBoxes for an effective counter display.

They are being force shipped with your next order. If you are not ordering soon we are also happy to ship them direct to you. Just e-mail us at orders@CollectionDrawer.com or call us at 303-368-7873 to place an order. As always, there is no charge for POP materials.

The 11" X 17" size will fit in a standard clear acrylic stand for a better counter presentation. The stands can be ordered through most office supply stores or on Amazon. We have a credit program for stores ordering the clear acrylic stands. Contact us for more information.

We also now have counter display boxes for the BoxLox Box Anchor packs. Contact us to order if you would like to have one for your store.

Retailers needing more instructions can download them using the links below.