Looking for a better way to organize and store sewing patterns? DrawerBoxes are the most effective organizational system available to not only store patterns, but ensure they are at your fingertips when you are looking for just the right pattern for your next project.

  • Each box is designed to be stackable and support up to five boxes on top of it without collapsing.
  • They will even support the other boxes if the bottom drawer is completely removed.
  • Handles at either end to make them portable.

BoxSort Upright dividers create an internal organization system to aid you in sorting patterns so they are easy to locate.
DrawerBoxes™ are stackable cardboard boxes with drawers that create a file cabinet-like storage system for organizing your patterns, making them more accessible. The most effective organizational system available.

The secret in making them stackable is in the materials we use. Each shell comes with a support sleeve custom manufactured with extra heavy duty corrugated cardboard with an ECT (Edge Crush Test) rating exceeding 70# per inch. The sleeve not only extends completely to the front of the shell, where support is needed the most when the drawer is open, but also completely covers the tops of the shell, helping transfer the weight to the sides.

DrawerBoxes for sewing patterns come in 2 sizes – longs and shorts. Both sizes measure 9 1/8” wide and 13 3/8” tall. The inside width of the drawers is 7 ¾” and even 7 ¼” when the BoxSort Upright divider system is used. The clearance inside the drawer is 11 5/8”. Plenty of room for even the largest pattern envelopes.

Some seamstresses even use them with comic backing boards wrapped with material to store fabric.