• Each box is designed to be stackable and support up to five boxes filled with magazines on top of it without collapsing.
  • They will even support the other boxes if the bottom drawer is completely removed.
  • Handles at either end to make them portable.
  • Ends reinforced with 4 layers of cardboard so they withstand pulling, unlike regular boxes

This is the first combination box made that will both fit virtually any magazine published* and CGC and PGX “slabs” for comics. Like our comic DrawerBoxes™, it is not just a top loading box, but a fully featured and stackable drawer design that makes every issue in a collection immediately accessible with no lifting.

The key in developing this design lies in its unique triple wall construction. The support sleeve utilizes a double wall construction, custom made of heavier weight materials than any other cardboard box. In addition the shell meets an Edge Crush Test rating (the industry standard for determining stacking strength) exceeding 44# p/inch. We felt this was necessary since many magazines are printed on gloss paper, which is much heavier than comics, and CGC slabs add weight to the comics they encapsulate. We wanted the same degree of stackability that made our comic DrawerBoxes so popular.

The magazine DrawerBox is designed to accept our patent protected BoxLox™ Box Anchors to increase their stacking strength and stability, including eliminating the risk of the top unit tipping. It will also accommodate our BoxSort Upright Divider system for organizing contents and keeping issues standing upright, making it a complete storage system.

Even more unique is our new design for our patent protected locking tab that prevents the drawer from being withdrawn too far, spilling its contents. By simply lifting the drawer upwards the tab will release if someone wants to withdraw it entirely.

* Any size magazine except the original size Life magazines will fit in the magazine size DrawerBox. Treasury size comics will also not fit in this size.