It seems like such a simple idea. Just put one box inside another and make it work like a drawer. But our DrawerBoxes™ are better described as deceptively simple. Our current versions are the result of over 8 years of tweaks and improvements.

Stated simply, our DrawerBoxes are designed to be an integrated system in which every part contributes to the whole to make it truly function like a drawer.


It’s not surprising that there is quite a bit of confusion about how to best protect your comic or magazine collection. The Internet has a profusion of suggestions, everything from comments on message boards to blogs to websites reputing to be “experts” on the topic. Unfortunately, most of this information is incorrect despite the sincere efforts of the writers. There seems to be two major causes for this: collectors who forget that paper is subject to a variety of climate issues and what may work in their area is inadequate elsewhere. Additionally, many of these writers have only been collecting for a short period of time. What works for 2 or 3 or 5 years may be destructive 10-20 years later.