Competitor Failure Warranty

 WE EVEN GUARANTEE OUR COMPETITION! To not be as good as ours, that is. In the past 11 years since we created and started manufacturing our DrawerBoxes™ a couple of companies have started producing cheap imitations. They can’t copy us exactly since that would infringe on our patents. So they have settled for producing low cost, low quality copies. We know because we have heard numerous complaints about them. We have always stood behind the quality of our products and the claims we make. Now we are going one step further. We will stand behind the fact that our DrawerBoxes are significantly stronger and longer lasting than any box made by any other product that claims to be stackable and function like a drawer. If you are one of those hapless collectors that have been drawn in by exaggerated claims because: Our imitators units could not be stacked 6 high or began collapsing under the weight of units stacked above it. Your long or short boxes did not fit despite claims their product would fit any manufacturer. Your long or short boxes did not hold up when used like a drawer. The long or short box did not hang open when fully extended like a true drawer should. Or of any other problem due to their low quality materials and design. We will refund $2.00 off the purchase price of every DrawerBox you order from us as a replacement. Here’s how it works: When you order DrawerBoxes fax us a copy of your invoice or receipt for the shell or housing you purchased from another company along with our Competitor Warranty Request. If you purchased it at a store it can be a store receipt. We will deduct $2.00 for each DrawerBox you order from your credit card charge upon receipt. Please note that to do this we MUST receive your fax by Midnight Mountain Time on the day you place your order. We will refund $2.00 for each DrawerBox up to the quantity shown on your receipt. That is, if you order 15 DrawerBoxes but send us a receipt for 10 of an imitation product you will get a deduction of $20.00. This offer is limited to one order per customer. There is no limit to the number of units or receipts you can include in the order, but you can only submit once. Oh, and no others discounts can be applied with this one. Then again, with a deal like this why do you need more? How can we make such a remarkable guarantee? Simple. We never cut corners in making our DrawerBoxes as good as we can. It would be easy for us to make them out of low quality 200# test cardboard, or try to save money by having them made in China with recycled paper. And over the years we have made several refinements to our original design. And we have repeatedly stress tested our products in an independent testing lab to ensure that quality is maintained. No other manufacturer can make those claims. But don’t take our word for it. Compare our genuine DrawerBoxes™ to any other product and see for yourself. Competitor Warranty Request Form