LP Records

  • Each box is designed to be stackable and support up to five boxes on top of it without collapsing.
  • They will even support the other boxes if the bottom drawer is completely removed.
  • Handles at either end to make them portable.
  • Ends reinforced with 4 layers of cardboard so they withstand pulling, unlike regular boxes.

Whether you have a large collection of LP records because you cherish the warm sound they convey, are a serious collector or just can’t part with your favorite albums because they have never appeared as a CD, this is the storage tool that will make you collection accessible like never before. This is the first drawer unit made that will both fit LP records. Like our comic DrawerBoxes™, it is not just a top loading box, but a fully featured and stackable drawer design that makes every album in your collection immediately accessible with no lifting.

The DrawerBox is designed to accept our patent protected BoxLox™ Box Anchors to increase their stacking strength and stability, including eliminating the risk of the top unit tipping.

Even more unique is our new design for our patent protected locking tab that prevents the drawer from being withdrawn too far, spilling its contents. By simply lifting the drawer upwards the tab will release if someone wants to withdraw it entirely.

Note that it is important to order a BoxSort™ Upright Divider Rail for each unit and use 1 upright divider in the last slot only. This ensures that your LP records are easy to remove by keeping them from slipping under the shell when the drawer is closed.