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DrawerBoxes™ With Three Generations of Comic Fans.

Thanks for creating the product...it's nice to see my books again and share them with my kids.

--Matt Rosenthal

Rich, received the DrawerBoxes(TM) on Friday and they're great! I'll never go back to regular comic boxes again. As soon as I'm able, I'm going to order more of them until I have enough to store my entire collection. I'm telling everyone I can about these things. Thanks a lot!

--Roger Ott



Hi Rich! I received my order this past Friday and must admit that I am very impressed. The packing used for shipping was excellent and prevented any damage to the drawers. As for the drawers themselves, they are much better quality than I had expected. Very well constructed, sturdy and easily and neatly stackable. It took me 2-3 boxes to get the hang of assembling them, but after that, they almost put themselves together. At some point in the relatively near future I expect to place another order. I LOVE not having to lift and move comic boxes any more...which was a weekly chore. Everything is now immediately accessible. Even the mylars fit with no problem. Very Nice. Great product, great idea, great service. Overall experience = A+. --Bob Dziura
We have never promised that our DrawerBoxes are water-proof. But when seconds count, everything can help, as this customer discovered:
"Excellent Product. I recently experienced a leak that flooded my library and needed to replace the entire bottom row of drawer boxes. Despite getting wet, these boxes were so well made and thick that they still kept my comics safe. And after emptying the books the wet, damaged boxes remained structurally sound enough for a few days until I got around to shifting out the bottom row. (My collection is in drawer boxes 7 across and 5 rows high!)" - Keegan