How can the drawer be removed completely?

DrawerBoxes are designed with a tab at the end of the drawer. The purpose of this tab is to give you a "signal" when you are at the end of the length of the drawer so you do not accidentally remove the drawer too far, spilling the drawer and its contents on the floor. The tab will actually catch the drawer 4" before the end of the drawer as you pull it open. While the goal of a DrawerBox is to eliminate the need to lift boxes, on occasion you may wish to remove a drawer entirely to review its contents elsewhere or to relocate the drawer to a different shell. You can do so one of two ways: Spread the sides of the shell away from the drawer as you pull it out. You can also remove the drawer by giving it a sharp yank as you get to the tab to force it past the stop. Be aware that if you use the later method, it will gradually deteriorate the tab over time so that it provides less of a stop.

Some collectors have indicated the desire to not have the stop at all. This can be accomplished by trimming a very small amount (1/16") of the tab both sides of the end flap with scissors before assembling the drawer. We suggest doing this on only the back end of the drawer so that you can restore the function later by reversing the end of the drawer used as the back end.
Since the shells are designed to support the weight of the units stacked above them and keep the weight off the drawers, your storage system will remain stable even with a drawer removed.