What will fit in a DrawerBox?

The inside width of the drawer for the long and short comic size is 7 11/16". It was designed to accommodate all products for Modern or Silver Age comics. The inside clearance is 11 5/8". This is tall enough to even clear the tabs on Mylars™

Note that, while a Golden Age comics will fit inside the drawer without a board, DrawerBoxes were not designed to hold products such as backing boards for Golden Age or Silver/Gold comics. Our own experiences with old-fashioned boxes over the years revealed that if the container was too wide the comics inside could be subject to slipping to the side as the contents shift from moving and the edges become bent, even with boards. For that reason we felt it was important to design ours with closer tolerances so the comics fit properly. This meant that we had to choose between a "one size fits all" approach that man long and short boxes take and the narrower width designed especially for Silver and Modern Age comics.

The drawer of the magazine/slabbed comic DrawerBox has a spacious 9 ½” width and has an inside clearance of 13”. Virtually any magazine will fit except for the original Life Magazines and Treasury Edition comics. We also recommend the long or short comic DrawerBoxes for the original National Geographic magazines due to their scaled down size.